Skate Park

We have a 31,920 square foot indoor skate park that has been open since March 2014. Admission is free and open to the public. You will just need to sign a waiver before participating (or your parents, if you're under 18).

Weekly Schedule:

Free ride during open hours.

Rock Climbing

We have two bouldering walls, one boulder and one 16 foot bouldering cube. Both are ropes free and free to use by everyone!

Weekly Schedule

Free climb during open hours.


Our weightlifting space is open to all people, ages 13 & above. The space is dedicated to providing a pathway for developing good habits, physical conditioning, self-confidence & self-esteem in conjunction with developing & focusing on the mental, spiritual & emotional health of our guests.

Contact David Broome for information on personal training and schedule.

[email protected]


Located next to our indoor soccer court!

The indoor volleyball court is also open for free play for all ages during our normal open hours.

Weekly Schedule:

Free play during open hours.


Located next to the gym!

We have two half courts and one full-sized court available for PERSONAL PRACTICE ONLY. This includes practicing shots & skill work.

Weekly Schedule:

Personal practice available during open hours.

Contact Matt Utterback with any questions.

[email protected]


Located directly as you enter our rec space, on the right!

We have one indoor soccer field made of plastic tile surface, available for FRIENDLY pick-up games.

Weekly Schedule:

Pick-up soccer during open hours.

Contact Matt Utterback with any questions.

[email protected]


Unlock your movement potential and explore the world in a new way with our parkour classes. In our under 12 kids class you will develop confidence and athleticism, while playing fun real life parkour games. In our teens/adults class, you will develop well rounded strength and push your limits by tackling challenging obstacles. There's never a bad time to start learning parkour and seeing the just what you can really do.

Weekly Schedule:

Kids Tuesdays & Adults Thursdays.

5:30 - 6:30PM

Contact David Frew for information on parkour and schedule.

[email protected]

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Matt Utterback

Floor Supervisor

[email protected]

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