Sports Here At The Warehouse

There are many things to do here.

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David Nick Broome

As a faith-based work out program, our new weightlifiting space is open to all people ages 13 and above. The space is dedicated to providing a pathway for developing good habits, physical conditioning, self-confidence, self-esteem, etc. in conjunction with developing and focusing on the mental, spiritual and emotional health of our guests.

Weekly Schedule

Contact David Broome for information on personal training and schedule




Nick Pridemore

We have a 31,920 square foot indoor skate park that opened March 2014. Admission is free and open to the public- just sign a waiver (or your parents, if you're under 18).

Weekly Schedule

Free ride during open hours


Rock Climbing

Nick Pridemore

We now have two bouldering walls, one boulder and one 16 foot bouldering cube! Both are ropes free and free to use by everyone!

Weekly Schedule

Bouldering Wall:
Free climb during open hours



Michael Grubb

The Warehouse and The Cutters Soccer Club have joined to bring a new after school program. Coach Grubb will offer soccer instruction, but also teach values that participants can carry through life. The Cutters Soccer Club adheres to and promotes core values of respect, responsibility, teamwork, determination, and confidence. Each session will begin with a brief, age appropriate values component that be reinforced during the training session.
The indoor soccer court is also open for free play for all ages during our normal open hours.

Elementary School




The Warehouse Office

Located next to our indoor soccer court!

The indoor volleyball court is also open for free play for all ages during our normal open hours.

Weekly Schedule

Free play during open hours



The Warehouse Office

Weekly Schedule

Free play during open hours


Other Sports Here at The Warehouse

Parkour Park - Trampoline - Foosball - GaGa Ball - Basketball

- And Much More -



We love our sports teams! However, for the safety of everyone, all team practices, meetings and large activities must be approved first.

If your team shows up without prior confirmation with the event coordinator, you may be turned away.

Merry Pridemore
Development Director

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